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Peace! New Playground Equipment and Games Designed for Harmony

 June 2009 By Hugh Gallagher Observer - Detroit, MI Girls playing recess games at South Redford Elementary School. Keep children busy doing interesting things and you'll keep them out of trouble. That truism is the idea behind Peaceful Playgrounds, a program out of California that changes schoolyard blacktops into colorful games s and [...]

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What is Happening to School Recess?

September 2010 By Blake Taylor, MAED Lawrence Lions Physical Education Lawrence Elementary School - Wichita, KS Students at Lawrence Elementary School recess. Take a minute to think back to your childhood school days and, more precisely, the part called school recess. What do you remember about it? I would guess that you recall [...]

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The Case for School Recess

Why School RECESS Really Matters Parenting School Years Magazine November 2010 We've all heard of "the three R's": reading, writing, and arithmetic. The latest issue of Parenting School Years magazine is making a case for a fourth: School RECESS! No, your kid didn't put anyone up to it. More and more educators and their higher-ups [...]

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